Principal’s Desk

I feel very happy to reach you all through this medium. A very happy and prosperous new year to all May God shower his choicest blessings on you. This year is very remarkable and precious for all of us as it is the Silver Jubilee year .We have come ahead by leaps and bounds and now it is the responsibility of everyone to maintain this legacy .We have achieved accolades of success .Our brazen move will be always for the best. I always try to imbibe the impression on my students that the three P’s i.e Patience, Persistence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success and to achieve it .education is the most powerful tool.

It has always been our earnest Endeavour to peruse excellence in the field of academics with a stellar record of 25 years,we have proved ourselves to be among the best schools in India .We are the forefront to provide quality education and shape them as leaders .willing to accept challenges .We are committed to develop a generation and thinkers of tomorrow .The training imparted here will develop their skills and competency. It is based on innovative teaching and the best learning practices focused on interdisciplinary areas .The students have demonstrated their excellent capability and capacity by participating in many competitions and they have brought laurels .We are sure that our commendable ventures may reap fruits of success.The passing year has blessed us with many prestigious awards presented by various organizations and we are proud of it. We are trying to make our education more and more practical by introducing new concepts. Under SCAP , we are introducing 26 different activities .the implementation of which will give practical knowledge to the students.

Going beyond academics, we have given scope to our students in Co-curricular activities. The film prepared by our student has secured first prize .The hockey team secured runner up position at Cluster level and the Captain Mast. Omkar Bhosale achieved ‘Best Fullback Award’. There are many such achievements .A commitment for achievers to develop international standards is what Sanjeevan does the best. We are employing such strategies that are the physical embodiment of Our Motto .Our endeavours to optimize teaching learning and to nurture holistic development are based on the philosophy that’ Happy students grow up to be happiness for all .We want run such school where beautiful experiments happen and we are ready for that.

Lets hope for the best.