Mr. S.A. Shinde

Dear  Readers,

      Greetings to you, my self-Mr. Sunil  Shinde co-ordinator of Sanjeevan Vidyaniketan  school  and a  knowledge  penance teacher  of maths  and  science. The reminding  swings  on the  oscillation of Sanjeevan commemoration  are  taking place. In  1994, I was working  at Ichalkaranji  in  a business  company  as an administrator, but  it was  hidden  thing regarding my bright future as Sanjeevan  affinity  with the  Shivbhumi Panhala  was  to  shape.  It  was  fare amassed  of the destiny and that  is why on  21 June 1994 I had got a  chance as  a  co-traveller in  the Sanjeevan knowledge penance from the inauguration day. I would like to say it was my fortune. By the connection it is Silver Jubilee year of Sanjeevan Vidyaniketan School and it is my successful journey as a teacher. It is my pleasure that I have got a chance to work with a man having courage, strong will power, aspiration, constant efforts which shaped Sanjeevan Knowledge City. One who proved it is real Sanjeevan that means the artisan Mr. P. R. Bhosale. The man having aspiration, vision, who had the dream of Sanjeevan. The dream did not allow him to sleep. It is my satisfaction that I have got a chance as one of the wayfarers of this great journey.

       Still I remember the beginning of 1994. Those days were simple are Farmers and assiduous people had handed over their immature kids to our school. All those students were trying to turn their life into Sanjeevan. In those days parents meeting was emotional.  It would be surprising thing for you that in those days parents used to give us sugar, tea, vegetables. It was their affinity for the institution. The first flag hoisting on the 15 August of the institution was melody. It improves Sanjeevan inspirations Mr Ghugare, Mr Maskar, Mr. Udaykumar Salokhe, Mr Akaram Kadam (Kaka), Mr. Raju Mujawar, Ranjana Mavashi, Parvati Mavashi all these peoples were as a family. We worked together. All we shared the good and bad days in Sanjeevan’s life. It was an affinity of Sanjeevan close relationship giving such experience to Panhala fort.

As soon as the school is over, all we teachers, peons,students used to play cricket. That was the here who would take the wicket of Mr P. R. Bhosale. In such a good-humored atmosphere. We had got a chant that one should not lose his wicket of moral courage on the ground of his life.

             Before an ascetic practice the Chairman of  this institution and our principal  Mr N. R. Bhosale  trusted  and had  given  me the  responsibility as a coordinator of Sanjeevan Vidyaniketan. All the knowledge penance teachers,workers and students and their talent it should be their manifestation of highest good values. I work with this appreciation everyday with the help of my fellow teachers. It is my theorem to introduce new activities to the students in our day today knowledge penance procedure in education system.

It is my fortune that hither to I have shaped several students. One should accumulate righteousness subtract vices, multiply the felicity divide the worries. I teach this thing in the class to the cock sparrows. I get here sheer satisfaction.

Wish you all the best for the silver jubilee year and I am sure we will celebrate Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee and Centenary.