• Annual Exam of X Std and IX std has beginning enthusiastically From Friday 01 March, 2019.  • Admssions are open for 2019-2020 !!!! Come and join with Sanjeevan familly for bright future of your child!!!  •  वार्षिक क्रिडा महोत्स्व उत्साहात साजरा ....   • 70th Republic Day Celebraed with full enthusicatically Events and patriotic song ....  • Central Board of IT and VOcational Training through organised Computer Olyampiad Exam Begins With Full Participation of Students...........  • Preliminary Exam of X Std and Second Unit Test V to IX std has beginning enthusiastically after successfully accomplished event- Annal Concert 2019  • 2018-19 मध्ये घेण्यात आलेल्या एन. एम.एम. एस. परीक्षेत संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन प्रशालेचा कु. स्वराज हेमंत जाधव हा गुणवत्ता यादीमध्ये आला असून त्याला रु. 48,000 इतकी शिष्यवृत्ती प्राप्त होणार आहे. त्याचे सं  • गणित प्राविण्य परीक्षा पात्र विद्यार्थी, प्रथमेश इंगळे- इ, 8 वी, स्वराज जाधव- इ, 8 वी, संदेश भोसले- इ, 8 वी सर्व यशस्वितांचे व मार्गदर्शकांचे हार्दिक अभिनंदन   • कोल्हापूर जिल्हा मुख्याध्यापक संघ आयोजित, नाट्यछटा स्पर्धा- कु. प्रथमेश निकम, इ. 10 वी, प्रथम क्रमांक, श्री महेंद्र कुलकर्णी – लेखन व दिग्दर्शन- प्रथम क्रमांक सर्व यशस्वितांचे व मार्गदर्शकांचे हार्दिक  • कोल्हापूर जिल्हा मुख्याध्यापक संघ आयोजित नाट्यवाचन व नाट्यछटा स्पर्धा 2018 - संजीवन विदयानिकेतनची उज्ज्वल यशाची परंपरा कायम... नाट्यवाचन मुली सांघिक –तृतीय, श्री, रवी पाटील – दिग्दर्शन –द्वितीय क्रमां  • कोल्हापूर जिल्हा मुख्याध्यापक संघ आयोजित नाट्यवाचन व नाट्यछटा स्पर्धा 2018 - संजीवन विदयानिकेतनची उज्ज्वल यशाची परंपरा कायम.... नाट्यवाचन मुली - वैयक्तिक अभिनय - कु. गायत्री कुलकर्णी- इ 7 वी प्रथम  • FIRST TERMINAL EXAM BEGINS FROM MONDAY, 29 OCT ,2018  • इ. 5 वी ते 8 वी विद्यार्थ्यांची पायाभूत चाचणी दि. 28/8/2018 पासून सुरू.  • संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन मध्ये पवित्र आणि मंगलमय वातावरणात रक्षाबंधन सोहळा उत्साहात साजरा.   • संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन मध्ये सर्व गुरूजनांचे इ. 10 वी च्या विद्यार्थ्यांकडून आंबा रोप व श्रीफळ रोप देऊन सत्कार......  • आषाढी एकादशीच्या औचित्याने संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन या प्रशालेमध्ये आयोजित केलेल्या अभंग गायन स्पर्धेचे पारितोषिक वितरण आदरणीय पालक महोदय श्री. धोंडीराम शिरकांडे व श्री नितिन कदम यांचे हस्ते संपन्न.....  • भारत सरकार व युनिसेफ अंतर्गत संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन या प्रशालेची स्वच्छ शाळा व सुंदर शाळा याकरिता राष्ट्रीय पातळीवर निरिक्षण करण्यात आले.   • नवागतांचा स्वागत सोहळा उत्साहात साजरा......संस्कृत कवी कालिदास यांची जंयती विद्यार्थ्यांच्या विविध उपक्रमांतून उत्साहात साजरी....  • Hurry up.. Admins are open...




        Warm wishes to everybody for the coming academic year 2019 – 2020 to use a new era with new hopes, expectations and opportunities from Sanjeevan. This portal will prove as a manifestation of our honest endeavors and beliefs in pushing set boundaries. The tender seed of Sanjeevan anchored firmly in the lapse of nature and grew into a sapling nurtured with care and finally turned into a mighty tree with wide spread branches in these 25 years with the support of students, parents, dedicated staff and the blessings of Almighty. Joining hands each time with the prevalent demands of education, it has set up new trends in education without forgetting the old basics of education. Time and destiny have favored the conducive growth of Sanjeevan, imparting strength to it to achieve new horizons. It has been nest for hundreds and thousands. It has served as a lighthouse in the ocean of knowledge for path inders and knowledge seekers. Its various branches, shape up the destiny and future of students. We are at par with the current generation demands and requisition. We are tuned with the current information technology and employ realistic, beneficial policies for the students. Along with academics there is a fine blend of sports, music, inter curricular activities and inter school competitions in each branch of our institution.

The semi English branch is joined to science college impacts knowledge to students from state pattern. CBSE section of Sanjeevan (Residential Section) provides Delhi pattern to students who wish to go out of the state and abroad to make exuberant careers. Our Engineering streams train students to create an impact and impression upon the world with their achievements situated in a very beautiful sprawling of 100 acres area at the foothills of Panhala fort. Our educational branches keep the “Yajna of knowledge buring for a better future”. We impart such knowledge to the students that help them to secure their future as well as follow tradition and culture with ethnic values. It is said that ‘Travelers follow roads, but legends make their own’. We want to create such legends, who will inspire others by embossing their footprints. Our strength lies in our students, parents and dedicated staff members who support us to reach our goal. Present education system helps to get employment and earn money but we want that education by which character is formed and intellect is expanded. Our focus is on making quality, education accessible. There is massive need for technological intervention due to parity of infrastructure he meet the demand of futuristic world. Side by side, we are opting for green technology to counter the effects of climatic conditions and challenges.We observe an adrenaline rush to set off on a trial with defying perceptions.So it’s better to choose, discover, explore and rule the world of technology.We have adopted changes. Our education system that will built the student assets and act as their destiny shapers to help them acquire their dreams.

We have got our first triumph by winning the Excellency award for our institution for its Best Infrastructure & Academic Excellence as well as Best Residential School in Maharashtra. This triumph was necessary to carry forward the winning movements. This victory has given us lot of confidence to scale new heights. The recognition, name and fame of Sanjeevan in stills confidence and impacts strength to deliver the best. This move of ours was applauded by our supporters as it was necessary to give dramatic changes in the technology. Rising to its height, in unfavorable, uncondusive conditions. Sanjeevan brand has proved its value in the field of education. It has placed itself in the spot light aiming for high profile identification. We aim to deliver constant attempts to create more and high option events. Sanjeevan driven by ambition, conceived with passion and built to perfection will loyally serve the knowledge seekers, with a desire to change old routine and innovate new horizons. Wishing everyone a successful year ahead. 

Mr.P. R. Bhosale

Founder &Chairman