• भारत सरकार व युनिसेफ अंतर्गत संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन या प्रशालेची स्वच्छ शाळा व सुंदर शाळा याकरिता राष्ट्रीय पातळीवर निरिक्षण करण्यात आले.   • नवागतांचा स्वागत सोहळा उत्साहात साजरा......संस्कृत कवी कालिदास यांची जंयती विद्यार्थ्यांच्या विविध उपक्रमांतून उत्साहात साजरी....  • संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन मध्ये लोकराजा शाहु जंयती उत्साहात साजरी......  • संजीवन विद्यानिकेतन मध्ये कृषी दिन व डॉक्टर्स डे उत्साहात साजरा......  • Hurry up.. Admins are open...

Admission Process

Admission procedure begins from March on-wards for New Academic year 2016-17. The  admission will be given on first come first basis. The admissions are open to children of all communities depending on the vacancies in the class without distinctions of caste, creed, color or religion, for the classes 5thStd to 10th Std Semi English medium  (boys/girls) according intake quantity based on Hostel situation. Admission is open.Our session will start on 15 June 2016.

Admission Procedure:

  • Visit to the Campus
  • Contact the Respective Principal/Administrator
  • Registration and Submission of the registration form in the office.
  • Entrance Exam : Entrance exam will be taken for respective class on the last year class syllabus. The exam will be 100 marks objective type with multiple answers. The exam will require one hour time.
  • Result of entrance exam will declare in 15 minutes.
  • After discussion with principal/Administrator admission will be confirmed.
  • Admission is finalized and confirmed after depositing the fees in the office.

STEP 1 : Registration.

You may register by making a payment of the Prospectus and Registration fee of
Rs 500 in one of the following ways.The registration form is available in the school office. Registration does not confirm admission.

STEP 2 : Entrance Test.

The entrance test can be conducted on any working day. Please contact the Admission Office to confirm the date. Admission is granted on the basis of performance in our Entrance Test and  the PreviousYear's Result.

STEP 3 : Confirmation of Admission.

Once the admission is offered to a candidate, it may be confirmed by depositing the requisite fee with the school office.

Contact & Address of  Sanjeenan Vidyaniketan, Panhala for 2016 Admissions.

Sanjeenan Vidyaniketan, Panhala

Somwar Peth, Injole,

P.O :Panhala


Distt:Kolhapur, Maharashtra –  416201

Phone:(231) 2686808/09/10


For any further query please Contact:

Mr. Bhosale N. R.            Mr.Sunil  A.  Shinde.           Mrs. Shraddha S. Kumthekar. 
(Principal)                       (Administrator)                  (Administrator)
Cell : 7720070700          Cell:9146999000                Cell:9146999001